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invantive data loader

Load data into cloud applications and relational databases

Invantive Data Loader transports data between Magento, cloud applications, relational databases and files in one integrated solution. Based upon Invantive UniversalSQL with it's dozens of connectors, you can easily load data into your cloud application or relational database using a graphical user interface.

For instance, Invantive Data Loader guides you through the exchanging data with Magento and many other platforms with a few clicks. It can take data from over 50 platforms such as Magento, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Exact Online, Freshdesk or CSV or Excel files.

The integrated advanced Invantive UniversalSQL engine provides a proven base for you to exchange data, including the use of fast bulk loaders on supported platforms such as Microsoft SQL Server. A flexible mapping of fields enables basic transformations during the process, while the flexibility of Invantive UniversalSQL on the background ensures that no tasks is too hard to accomplish.

The free version of Invantive Data Loader is restricted to at most 1.000 rows per run. For high volume use or background processing, please consider the use of compatible enterprise solutions such as Invantive Data Hub or Invantive Control. An unlimited use variant is included in these solutions.